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PRO TO COL Sport Systems is the place to be for the most comprehensive treatment and all around care for our clients. We offer a full array of services to serve you and your needs. From our Sports Medicine, Chiropractic and Orthopedic Manual Therapy to get you injury and pain-free, to our Functional Movement and Sports Performance Training getting you moving efficiently. We have a full team of professionals ready to find the right protocol for you.

PRO TO COL Sport Systems mission is to coach ourselves out of a job. Our clients get to be active participants in their coaching and therapy. In our opinion, training is about understanding movement, coaching is about understanding the theory behind that movement. Our number one goal is that the client can not only complete their therapy and training, but has ownership of their process of their movement and health. If we’ve haven’t given the client the knowledge and the wings to fly and excel on their own, we have failed them. 





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Areas of Practice


Postural Assessment and Correction provides a full postural evaluation and corrective exercises to address postural misalignment. An objective evaluation of your posture generates a personalized exercise routine for lasting changes to your alignment. Can be used in conjunction with other services or individually. VIEW OPTIONS >


Chiropractic care is great for back pain, auto injuries, neck pain, and headaches. A full assessment is performed to determine which protocol is best. Chiropractic works by restoring the normal and healthy functioning of your central nervous system by adjusting the spine. Our chiropractic care is for athletes, athletic injuries, and anyone who is wanting to get rid of their pain and live healthier lives. VIEW OPTIONS >


Orthopedic Manual Therapy employs soft tissue work to increase circulation, break up scar tissue and ease pain and utilizes mobilization of joints to loosen tight tissue and improve flexibility and alignment. This unique multidisciplinary approach will eliminate even the most complex pain conditions and will facilitate myoskeletal alignment through the body. Orthopedic Manual Therapy can be scheduled in 30 minute or 60 minute (recommended) sessions. VIEW OPTIONS >

Functional Movement + REHABilitation

Functional Movement training sessions improve functional strength through coordinated exercises activating the nervous and muscular systems. Training begins with a physical assessment and evaluation. From there breath work, muscle activation techniques, strength and core stability and a number of targeted activation activities are incorporated to reduce pain and injury. VIEW OPTIONS >

Sports Medicine + Regenerative Therapy

Our sports medicine clinic provides a variety of regenerative therapies for all injuries including muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Exams are available for diagnosis and treatment. Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma injections, and Stem Cell therapy support both new and old injuries. Athletes and weekend warriors alike can take advantage of IV Therapies and Intramuscular injections to improve performance, energy, & recovery. VIEW OPTIONS >


Sports Performance Training sessions dramatically improve physical ability and reduce injury in athletes of all levels from novice through professional. Sessions are structured to take athletes to the next level by building on functional movement techniques and training. Sports Performance includes training in strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and power production to maximize performance, balance, coordination, energy capacity and so much more!  VIEW OPTIONS >


Most people live in a state of dysfunction - pain, discomfort, poor firing patterns. That’s where you are used to living. If you don’t like where you live, it’s time to change your address, and that’s through movement.