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I thought I had ruined my chances of competing. but Julie was able to identify the cause of my pain as being a rib that popped out of place. She worked the area for a couple of minutes, popped my rib back in to place, and INSTANT RELIEF!
— Wes Crew / Competitive Jiu Jitsu Athlete

We refer all of our students, friends and family to Protocol, whether for an injury, to improve athletic performance, or just for the best massage ever.
— Paul Silva / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Julie Pitois and the Pro-To-Col team have helped me to identify and strengthen weaknesses within my body to not only rehab the old injuries but prevent them from recurring.
— Melissa Silva / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

As an Instructor and as a competitor, I know I can trust the highly trained staff at Protocol to make me the best possible athlete I can be.
— Paul Silva / Carlson Gracie SD