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I thought I had ruined my chances of competing. but Julie was able to identify the cause of my pain as being a rib that popped out of place. She worked the area for a couple of minutes, popped my rib back in to place, and INSTANT RELIEF!
— Wes Crew / Competitive Jiu Jitsu Athlete

We refer all of our students, friends and family to PRO TO COL, whether for an injury, to improve athletic performance, or just for the best massage ever.
— Paul Silva / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

I was referred to Julie and her team due to a back injury. Julie was able to arrive to the same conclusions as my doctor without the need for any x-rays ... she pin pointed my issues and relieved a lot of pain within a single orthopedic therapy session. Every single visit was effective, professional, focused, unique, educational, and most importantly fun. Not only have I fully recovered from my injury, I feel I’ve learned & improved in many different aspects as well (tennis, running, posture, etc). Thank you all for your passion at work!
— Patrick Khayat

Julie Pitois and the PRO TO COL team have helped me to identify and strengthen weaknesses within my body to not only rehab the old injuries but prevent them from recurring.
— Melissa Silva / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Thanks so much for your help Saturday!! I wasn’t even sure I could physically get myself into your office Saturday morning, but you encouraged me and look, Sunday night I’m on top of the podium!
— Joe Kracht / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu