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3 Reasons to see an Orthopedic Manual Therapist

Orthopedic Manual Therapy is our bread and butter here at PRO TO COL Sport Systems. Yet, so many aren’t sure what OMT actually is and what you can gain from a session. A certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist will find the source of your pain, educate you on how to prevent it from coming back and be able to treat even the most complex pain conditions.

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Severely Injured Two Weeks Before Competition

Before Worlds I injured my back to the point that I could not take breaths without experiencing a lot of pain. I had two weeks to go before the competition and thought that I had ruined my chances of competing. About 5 or 6 people from my gym told me that I had to go see this awesome lady named Julie. All my teammates said that she was truly amazing and that she would know what to do. Well I took their advice and contacted Julie Pitois at Pro To Col systems. Julie told me to come in, which I did. She was very professional as she did a full body/ posture evaluation before she did any work. Just by looking at me...

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Rachel Borman